Tuesday, September 23, 2008

A Waterfull Weekend

This weekend Mikie's sister and her husband came down for a visit. We were all together and decided to go go-carting. We loaded up and went to the putterz's and bought a ticket for the 6 of us. The kids got to ride for free. Zack rode with Mikie and Christopher rode with me. Zack fell asleep while riding. Mikie's sister took a pic but her husbands hand was in the way.
On Saturday we spend the biggest part of the day working on our washer drain. It was clogged and the washer was spilling water all over the laundry room. We took the kids, met up with Mikie's mom and dad so they could watch them and bought a 50 snake. We had borrowed a 15 footer from my parents but it was just not long enough. I also bought some heavy duty pipe cleaning stuff. It comes in its on bag. A bottle in a bag. The bag is resealable for storage or throwing away. It said to cover up the pipe after pouring it to keep from blowing up. It also said do not stand over top of drain for the same reason. We used it and then used the snake several times. I keep draining the washer to see if it would not back up any, then finally it worked. I can do laundry at home again.
After the washing machine was working good, we went with our friend to Hooter's. It was there 13 yr old son's birthday. The put him in the middle of the restaurant and made him flap his arms holding menu's looking like a bird with the hooters girls all around him. It was fun for him. You know we had 11 people in our party and they didn't add the tip in the bill. Later everyone came to our house and the kids played the wii. I took a small nap then was ready to go.
I will try to keep up better with posting. I have some in the works. I will post about Zack's surgery and diagnosis and break it up into about 3 separate post. I also have one coming up about saving money on groceries. Stay tuned.

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tina said...

Sounds like a fun and not so fun weekend. Does that mean it balances out to an okay weekend?:)