Friday, January 2, 2009

The New Years Happenings

I had a slight adventure for New Year's Eve this year. We have friends who play in a band together. This was to be there last performance. We get out and see them quite a bit, so naturally we wanted to go and watch there last time together. I asked my mother in law a week before Christmas if she would watch our kids so we could go. She said she would if they did not go to Ohio then. They say this every year and never go. This year was no different, they did not go. So since they could keep our kids I bought the tickets for the show at twenty dollars a ticket. My mom also was going and we rode together to buy them. Come New Year's Eve Mikie asked if I had asked his mom about watching the kids, I had not so I told him to call and make sure. She said her sister was coming up from Florida and she could not watch them. Her sister did not get here until Friday. That is a couple days off in my book. My sister in law also asked it they would keep her kid. One of her friends rented a limo and she wanted to go out with them. Lease she had a DD right? Well she passed for her also. She did not go anywhere nor watch any kids. My dear husband stayed with ours so I could go out with my mom and dad. I did call around for a couple of young girls but they all had plans for the evening.
We go ahead and go to the VFW. If you have never been to the VFW it is the cheapest place to drink and the only place to get liquor in our county. They are also providing food, my mom and I go to the back and check out the food. They have sandwich stuff, little weenies, olives, some kinda dip in a loaf of bread and chips. Not the best, to tell you the truth I was expecting more. But really when your drinking do you really need to eat much? Round about 11:00 my dad was ready to go home, my mom only had one drink and was pretty much ready to go also. We talked to one of the band members and she said she would take me home. Now we really do know them, they come to our house for Thanksgiving every year. So I stayed on. I sat with a lady I only know as Momma. She is always anywhere the band is playing. I also met some interesting people at our table, who in fact may be kin to me. Ya know you can't throw a rock without hitting someone I'm kin to around here.
We also did champagne at midnight. I am not a fan and certainly not a fan of the cheap stuff as which they had there. We got a whole big bottle at that for our table. The lady who drove me home took it home with her for later.
On Friday Mikie's aunt finally came into town. They were at Mikie's moms house and rode around with them and went to my sister in laws house. They however did not come to our house. They wanted Mikie to bring the kids to the big town for them to see them. Fat chance on that. We do not understand why they can go to my sister in laws house, who goes to her mom's all the time and only has one kid, and they want us to get two kids ready and head out to their house for them to see us...hmmmm...They all wanted to go out for breakfast on Saturday morning. We all got ready and headed up there for breakfast at Shoney's. After eating we all stood in the entry way for a few minutes and then we moved outside. Christopher and I went to the car since it was cold outside and I did not have a jacket on. They wanted Christopher to go with them and spend the night. I said he is not allowed to go anywhere since he has not been very good lately. Do they really think he would get to go with them after they cost us money for New Year's Eve. I was sorta glad he was bad and couldn't go.

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