Friday, January 9, 2009

Wipe Fight

This whole week Zack has been a very fussy baby. He will not go to sleep like usual and he has been fussy all day long. He started this on Sunday night so I know it is not just from going to the new daycare. Yesterday he was much better. He did not fuss much and was generally happy and in a playful mood.

I wanted to remember what all we did last night. While super was still cooking, Zack went over to the drawer and pulled out a spoon and started playing with it and climbing the step stool. He gets in trouble for this as I do not want him to fall off of it. I patted his butt with the spoon, I think he thought it was fun.

Next he played in the toy box. See it is under the buffet where the fish tank is. I put the toy box there because he kept crawling under there where the fish tank is plugged up at. By keeping the toy box there his toys are close by and he is not close to being shocked.

He then found a shoe and wanted me to put it on his foot. He only had one white one so I put the brown pair on him. He kept bringing me the white one and wanted it on his foot. I left one of the brown ones on and added the white one. He was content with that.

Now to our grand fun adventure. We had a wipe fight. Much like a snowball fight, Mikie and I threw waded up wipes at each other and at Zack. Chistopher was in his room. He heard us laughing and came out to enjoy the fun. It was really a blast. Zack would take the wipe back to Mikie. When he was hit in the face he thought it was really funny. He kept walking around in between us. I was dodging behind him. I would look for the one Mikie just threw at me and he would pelt me with more. He had an endless supply of wipes at his disposal. Finally I had to say it was time for bed. Zack was a little easier to put to bed. He still wanted to be held until he fell asleep. All thru the week we had to hold him until we was in a deep sleep, if not he would wake up and cry until we held him again and it would take forever to get him back to sleep.

Blogger and I almost had a fight. It put my pictures in different order, I had to fix it and turned some of them, that I do not know how to fix. I first did my pictures on photobucket and used the URL. That worked then didn't work. I have no idea what I am doing I suppose. No wonder I hardly ever put up any pictures. I will work on this and see if I can get better at it.

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crazy working mom said...

Hey Sarah,
RE: your comment on A Binki Request the Goldi paci cost me $6.95 on Amazon. But the standard shipping was $6 so it was over $10 indeed. I will let you know when I receive it and how it works with Emily.