Monday, December 29, 2008

The Gifts Of Christmas

We had lots of places to go Christmas Eve and Day. I had to work half a day for Christmas Eve. Then we went to my moms house. There The Kids both got a 4 wheeler. Christopher got a real one and Zack got one that is plastic. They both love them. Christopher flipped his on Sunday. He cried a little cause he hit his knee. He was not wearing a helmet. My mom also got him a bike helmet for the 4 wheeler. We were at Rural King and passed some motor cycle helmets so we went ahead and bought one, and told him he is not allowed on the 4 wheeler without it, no matter what granny and papaw say. Zack's has a push button that makes it go. He will only push it with his first finger instead of his thumb. He is so cute holding on with one hand and pushing the button with the other. He also keeps one foot on the floor.
The next morning we got up and opened our gifts and played with them a while. Santa brought a Nintendo DS & Space play set for Christopher and Roo (Zack) got a little couch and wagon. Each one loves their presents. Christopher will not put down the DS, and Zack loves to sit and lay on his couch. The couch has Elmo on it. I had to search and search for something other than cars or spider man. He is to little for either. The bonus is that the Elmo couch has a sleeping bag when you unfold it to lay on, the others did not.
Mikie's sister did not want to get out of the house to early and wanted to be at their moms around 11. We were eating by the time they arrived. We do a big breakfast there. It is a really nice break from all the holiday food. We unwrapped our presents, visited with the neighbors and then headed for my grannies.
We had reserved a room for all of us to be in. My mom and aunt brought the food, and I took a pie.
Zack had some explosive poops during this whole process. I know I had to change his clothes at least 3 times on Christmas day. His poor little butt was so red. We have been putting butt paste and triple antibiotic ointment on it since Saturday. It looks so much better now. I didn't have anything with us on Thursday.
I am gonna try to keep up with the nicknames as we go. Zack was spitter, then moved to spitball. Now we are kinda stuck on Roo. Christopher was Punkin,little,littles,punk,bump(ma maw's), and wittles. We don't nickname Christopher as much now.
Now to my Christmas gift, I got a Wii Fit. I have to say it is pretty cool. I did my Wii fit age that morning, it was only 1 year off. I can't say the same for Mikie or Christopher. I am trying to work on it every night. It will let you know when you skip a day. It also had a Christmas hat on on Christmas Day.
Is anyone looking at the Christmas sales. I have been looking for a tree, but at 50% off of 200 is still 100. I only paid like 30 for the tree we have now. It is around 5 or 6 years old now and I would like a new one. Maybe the trees will hang out until they are 75 to 80 % off.

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SOudns adorable! Pictures, please!