Tuesday, January 13, 2009

First Haircut

This is Zack's before pictures. He was in dire need of a haircut. don't you think.

This was finishing up. He was extremely good during the whole process. He only cried a little when she did the front and when she was brushing him off.

Which makes for a really good hair cut. I should have brushed his hair before taking the front picture huh.

Christopher was not nearly as good a Zack when it came to his first haircut. I had to sit him in my lap and try to keep him calm. Christopher had a hard time his first few cuts. Maybe it helped that Zack got to watch Christopher and Mikie get their hair cut first.
Our nephew for his first cut cried so much my sister in law made them stop and did not finish. My mother in law had to catch him asleep and cut his bangs so he could see. He was very stylish with the hair. Much like most of the teenage boys running around now days. Or at least in my area. He finally did get his hair cut right before Christmas and they said he did a good job then.
I wanted to share something that would make my sister in law mad, only if she would read my blog. Anyways I mentioned back in October that our nephew pooped in Christopher's room in the floor back at his birthday party. Well this has been still going on until this weekend. The nephew I'll call him D stayed at the ma maw's house this weekend. Ma maw told D that if he pooped his pants or on the floor he would have to eat it. My SIL got very mad that her mom told him this. But he is no longer pooping his pants or on the floor. It just takes some encouragement to get the ball rolling. I thought this was very funny. Hey whatever works and she should know her mom would not really make him eat his poop. Heck if it was my kid I would go so far as to there nose with it if he had pooped his pants again. My SIL had tried everything everyone had told her but could not get him to stop.


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Hi Sarah, thanks for commenting on my blog. I got that Edward Cullen saying off photobucket.com, I saw it somewhere else and googled it and came up with it as an image there.

Gardeness said...

I stumbled over here from a gardening blog. But love the haircut. Our little guy is on haircut #3. They look so much older once they get a trim, don't they?