Friday, December 5, 2008

Check Up

Zack had his 12 month check up today. He weighed 22lbs and was 31 inches long.
We have a new doctor now. Our 1st doctor moved (starting with Christopher), our second doctor left for medical problems and then this one. I hope she stays. He does have an ear infection but he has not been bothered by it but she did give us some antibiotics for it. She also said we could give him some Zyrtec for his constant runny nose. I hope this will help. She seems to think he has a cold but it usually starts as a clear running nose then turns into a cold I think. Other than this ear infection he is in good health, they went ahead and gave him his shots.
Our next appointment is Tuesday with Vanderbilt. It is just a check up from his surgery. He looks to me like he is doing great from it.
They also make you fill out a survey. We also filled it out at 9 months. I'm guessing it for Autism. I think he is good there, he is a very social baby, and loved to play ball with someone else.

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