Monday, December 22, 2008

In The Dark

This morning I took the kids to Mikie's moms house so she could keep them for the next two days. This morning before I woke the kids the electric went off. I was brushing my teeth. I do this right before make up. I finished rinsing in the dark then proceeded to find the flash light with my cell phone. The cell phone is a great light. I had to get out the lanterns for the kids to see and to get Spitter ready. It was also 6 degrees outside. I woke Christopher up telling him we had no power and it was gonna get cold in our house quick. I started the car early, but it was not completely warm when we came out to it. The cell phone tower must be on our circuit because I had no bars either. We do not have a home phone. We use to but never used it. I had to wait until almost the big town to call Mikie. They did not have power at one of there ranges. My mom did not have power either. It did come back on about 6:20.
Spitter went to the doctor again today. He has been pulling at his ear. He has a double ear infection. The doctor e-scripted our prescription to the pharmacy. The pharmacy did not received it. I then called the doctors office back and they were all gone to lunch. Finally when they were back from lunch I called and they re did his prescription. Now they have it and Mikie is on his way to pick it up. Spitter has been feeling kinda bad this morning. But when he gets his meds I'm sure he will fell better.

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