Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Happy Birthday To Christopher!

Christopher's Birthday was last Thursday. We had a dress up party on Saturday. He had a really good day playing with his friends. I did not wish him a Happy Birthday on here like I should have. Bad mommy.

Chistopher's cousin we will call him D was also at the party. D is potty trained now, he will be 3 in two more months. He has not yet learned to poop in the potty. He will sometimes pull down his pants and poop on the floor, or just go in his pants. My sis in law dresses him in boxers. So do you know what happens when a little boy who poops his pants and has boxers on. It falls out onto my floor. He was in Christoher's bedroom. D was in there playing with my friends little boy S. They are about 6 months apart. Mikie walked in the living room and smelted something. He went to the bedroom and found the two kids playing in there and asked them if they had messed their pants. S spoke up and said he did not, but D would not say anything. Then Mikie found the poop in the floor. My sis in law cleaned it up while she was laughing about it. That is not particularly funny, especially in my floor. Christopher never did that at any ones house.

We as in the ladies at the party were talking in the kitchen. This is when I learned of the boxers she puts D in. I put in my two cents and told her that if he will only poop in his pants then she should put regular whitey tidies on him so the poop does not fall out. You would think that would be logical thing to do.
I was dropping Zack off at daycare this morning and he said good bye when he waved at me. We were so excited. He has been waving a little while but that is the first time he has said bye bye.

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tina said...

Happy Birthday to Christopher! I like the new look too!