Thursday, October 23, 2008

All About The Zackaroo

Zack was sick last week. He slept most of the day on Friday, he was also really fussy. I could not take off of work so Mikie took him to the doctor. The poor thing had an ear infection and a cold. His ears were so stopped up they had to clean them before she could even see in there. His ears drain more than any I have ever seen, this was his first ear infection. So my question is how do you clean there ears? Do you indeed use a q-tip? The doctors suggested a while ago to use vinegar and rubbing alcohol mixed together and run thru his ears.
Zack is also almost off the bottle. This weekend he only ate a morning bottle, the rest of the time he drank out of a cup and milk at that. WooHoo no more formula, no more washing bottles. At daycare he ate out of bottles because she did not have a valve in his cup and would spill it everywhere. Yesterday I sent in the valve and he did not eat out of a bottle all day. He still drinks a little bit getting ready for bed, he will take it in a cup also.

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tina said...

Poor baby! Hope he heals fast.