Thursday, March 5, 2009

DayCare Hell Part 2

The pink eye is gone thank goodness. It wasn't as bad as I feared and I never came down with it. I think we are returning to daycare hell again. Our daycare ladies oldest child is having surgery next week and has to be off for 3 days. My friend was gonna watch Roo but then her husband said she could not. My sis in law said she could watch him except for Wed. she is taking her son to register for pre-k. Yesterday daycare ladies husband was rushed to the hospital for fear of a heart attack. She called my mom to pick up the Roo. He is OK but having to go to the cardo doc today. Daycare is also off another 3 days the week of spring break, I do have someone to watch the kids for then tho. Our old daycare lady is thinking about going back to watching kids at her house. The daycare she works at is moving further away and she would have to drive further. She is saying if she has enough kids she will start keeping them at her house. The current daycare will not let Mikie inside her house for some unknown reason. She will meet him on the porch and hand Roo off to him. Now mind you it has been pretty cold here until last week. She does not seem to have a problem with me and I tend to stay a little late just talking to her in the mornings.
I was watching lost last night, that is when I found out about my friend not watching the Roo. But we text back and forth during Lost. We are both intrigued with it and comment it thru the entire show. Last night they had a fish commerical about McDonald's fish sandwich with a singing fish on the wall. It was the funniest thing, I re winded it and made Mikie come in and watch it, he is now wanting a fish sandwich, it is a double fish sandwich. I was watching the iPhone commercial and am now wanting the ipod touch. I texted Mikie today asking what he wanted for his birthday. He called me and asked what that was all about. I told him what I wanted and told him. He told me to just go and buy it. Yippee...

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