Friday, February 13, 2009


I think mother nature is trying to confuse us or something. This is a pretty nice week in lue of temps. I really don't want a repeat of year before last when parts of my trees died from the early budding and then frost. Last year is snowed 8 inches here in March. 8 inches is unheard of here.
Zack has gotten 4 back teeth all at one time. He was a bugger for about a week and now he is in pretty good spirts.
We bought a Christmas present for Christopher. It's the guitar hero world tour. We found it for the Wii at Circuit City at 30% off. Sweet huh.
Valentines is upon us, I got Zack some cups and a Wall-E tee shirt. He needs more tee shirts. Christopher is getting Air Buddies in space DVD and some M & M's. Mikie is getting a card, flash drive and some Rochee's, he loves them. Who knows what I will get.
Mrs. Shell at daycare make the parents homemade cards from the kids. It has pics of Zack all in it. she even cut one out where he looks like he is jumping and all spread out like a jumping jack, It is really cute.
We took cupcakes to school today, you know you can't make anything and take to school anymore, it has to be store bought and in a sealed package. What a bummer, I understand but it puts a strain on people who can't afford to buy prepackaged.
I am still wrapped up in reading, I am now reading The Host by Stephenie Meyer. It proves to be really good and you can see her writing style come out in it, like in Twilight. Speaking of Twilight did you know on Stephenie you can go to the twilight series and see Midnight Sun. She has put it on here site, or what she has written of it. She explains why she lost interest in doing it, but it is part of Twilight but from Edwards point of view. It is really good. I am itching to read it again. I let someone barrow it and they have not finished it yet.
Just thought I would ramble about stuff since I have not posted in a while.

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tina said...

Hi Sarah, Happy Valentine's Day to you and the family tomorrow!