Thursday, July 28, 2011

Did I Think This Through?

What the hell am I doing? I am leaving my current job for another doing basically the same job just somewhere else, hoping it will be a better place. At least if it sucks it pays a little better and hopefully they do not lie like they do here. This is a horrible place to work. There are 5 people leaving at the end of the month including me. I'm scared of the new surroundings, not so much the job itself, I've been doing the job for 11 years now but new surroundings are a smidge different. Hoping they will like me and it will not be to difficult to adjust. I will miss the people in my shop, getting to talk to them. The new place doesn't seem to talk to each other as much, or maybe that is just from me looking in a small window. Anyway I wanted to keep the memory of what it was like here so if I every get offered to come back unless the place I am at, at the time is horrible do not go back. I can look back on this from my new awesome job that I love and remember how hard it was to change. That's how you make it great right? Believe it will and so it will be. So I'm thinking it will be a great and fun adventure.


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