Friday, April 9, 2010

More Strep

On April 6th I took the Roo to the doctor. He had strep. He is in the mood to not want to take meds so I had them give him a shot. He cried some not to bad. Afterward he kept saying "they hurt me, mommy they hurt me". It was so precious and sad. At least I'm not fighting him to take the meds for a week. Christopher was on spring break and went with us. He has yet to get the strep, but I told him if he does get it he will also be getting a shot. So he stayed clear of Roo for a while.
We are doing cub scouts. It is crazy and madding. We meet so much Mikie has a cow about it. I have training on Saturday all day long. I don't have to do this stuff, but I like getting to be a part of it.

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Ahhh. I hate strep throat. I always start insistantly washing my hands when I hear someone around me has it. I just started working from home creating personalized party favors so I can now stay home with my daughter. One year she got strep throat 3 times from daycare alone.