Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Two Year Check Up

Zack had his 2 year check up yesterday. He is 3 feet tall, that's 64% of his class. He weighed 28.5 lbs. that's 43% of his class. He doesn't look that skinny. I do have a hard time getting bluejeans to fit him. 2T's are the right length but fall off his butt, and he is getting interested in potty training, just imagine when he gets out of diapers nothing will fit him. He did really good getting his shot and finger pricked. He cried just a little at the shot, but really cried when she put the band aid on his finger. It had to come off, then he moved to the one on his leg and he pulled it off. He was jumping in front of the doctor, kinda like a rabbit with both feet off the floor, she was impressed that he could do that.
Christopher is trucking along with reading. At the begining of the year I was kinda worried about him. He was reading at a Kindergarden level. Now he is getting into a second grade level. He is doing pretty good with his spelling word also. Just last week he didn't get them very good even by Friday morning. I drilled him from the time he got up til he got out of the car on his words and he made a 90. I was thrilled.

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